Module 4

Course Description

Labels are a crucial tool for communicating relevant information to users of products, whether that be hazards to be aware of, supplier contact details or simply the correct product name. This course will help you understand how to produce and apply labels with content and format compliant with EU CLP regulations.

Course content:

  • Label element requirements – product, hazard and supplier information
  • Supplementary Information – EUH Statements, UFIs, and more
  • Label dimensions and format
  • Application of labels
  • Labelling exemptions
  • Information retention
  • Packaging
  • Consumer packaging provisions - Tactile Warning Devices, Child Resistant Fastenings, liquid laundry detergents, etc


Common problem areas addressed:

  • Effective Precautionary Statement selection
  • Ingredient declaration
  • Connection between and correct expression of sensitisation classification & label element EUH208
    Deadlines for updating label elements and supply chain co-operation
  • Meeting labelling requirements of multiple regulations
  • Conducting due diligence

Self tests throughout at awareness & competence level

Awareness certification awarded at Silver level.

Competence certification awarded at Gold level.