Module 5

Course Description

This module will help you build confidence and competence in producing and working with EU safety data sheets (sds). You will also grow in familiarity with the relevant regulatory documents which guide you through the process of sds creation and interpretation. Whether you are completely new to sds, developing skills in this area or an experienced sds author simply requiring a refresher – this is the module for you!

In this module, we will cover the purpose of sds, their content and format and the requirements for sds retention, provision and update under EU regulations.

Course content:

  • Purpose and readership of safety data sheets
  • Sds content and format requirements
  • Section by section examination of content and direction to the relevant regulatory documents
  • Sds retention, provision and update requirements.


Common problem areas addressed:

  • Basic administration – page numbering and version control
  • Declarations and ranges in Section 3.2
  • Consistency across the sds sections
  • Responsibilities for authoring and providing sds
  • Sds for non-hazardous mixtures
  • Relationship between sds and communication via labels

Self tests throughout at awareness & competence level

Awareness certification awarded at Silver level.

Competence certification awarded at Gold level.