Module 6

Course Description

This module covers the requirement to notify, via ECHA, the mixtures you place on the EU market that are classified as hazardous on the basis of their health or physical effects. Understand your responsibilities and those of your EU customers, what formulation or name changes trigger an update or a new notification, the use of UFIs, and how to protect your formulations. The theory is followed by a practical session showing you how to create your ECHA account and upload your product dossiers.

Course content:

  • Purpose of poison centres. 
  • Regulatory framework of PCN in the EU and how this has evolved. 
  • Regulatory framework of PCN in GB & NI.
  • What is in scope of the PCN regulations?
  • Who is required to submit PCN?
  • When must a PCN be submitted?
  • Submission requirements (e.g., format, content, language, etc).
  • Unique Formula Identifiers (UFIs). 
  • ECHA tools and technical support.
  • Submission management and updates. 
  • The role of distributors in PCN. 
  • Group submissions. 
  • Limited submissions (vs. general submissions). 
  • Interchangeable component groups. 
  • Voluntary PCN submission. 
  • PCN submission walk-through practical session.

Self tests throughout at awareness & competence level. 

Awareness certification awarded at Silver level.

Competence certification awarded at Gold level.